Spindle Spin Up and Spin Down Enhancement Request


( I originally posted this as a reply to a post in "Questions and Answers", but I have reposted it here as a formal Feature Request )

The Spindle Spin Up and Spin Down delays have become very important to us as we have recently implemented an Auto Tool Changer system. The Spin Down delay prevents a move-to, and engagement-of, the Tool Changer Rack before the tool has stopped spinning. This is all working very well, thanks to Masso.

But, there is still one concern, for which we will have to find a solution, or maybe Masso software update will help resolve.

With our new implemented Auto Tool Change system, manual Tool Change is still an occasional requirement, for this we have implemented a wired Push Button switch to the "Chuck Clamp Button" input pin, and when necessary it is used to: change, inspect, sharpen, etc. etc, to release the Tool Chuck. Thankfully, the Masso system does not allow the "Chuck Clamp Button" to be activated if the Spindle is in CW or CCW mode. BUT, our current Masso system does not respect the Spin Down Delay immediate after the Spindle is turn-off. A mis-pressed button could release a 30K rpm Tool onto table or into someones hand. Of course, we are skillful operators will try to avoid that kind of problem.

To help mitigate this problem (for our less skilled users), we plan to implement a lock-out for the "Chuck Clamp Button" line via a delay-relay triggered by the spindle CW/CCW enable line.

For the future, I would like to request a software enhancement that would deactivate the "Chuck Clamp Button" input-line during the configured Spin Down Time.

Thanks for your efforts



MASSO Support
Staff member
thanks for the feedback and we have added this request to be added to the next software update.

Please note that we will add this logic to the MASSO software but for safety, the correct way to do this is to always have your chuck clamp signal wired through a relay that is controlled by the spindle VFD. VFD's can be setup so that a signal goes HIGH when the spindle is running and LOW once it stops.


Most VFD's have one or two relays.

The VFD's we normaly use at work you can assign a whole list of functions to the relay output (open or closed while running, or when ready etc.)

maybe it would be good/safer if you can use this signal as an input for the tool change routine? This way you won't have to rely on timers (maybea large tool takes longer to ramp down?)