Straight Line Generator for Plasma


It would be nice to have a straight line generator for plasma ( like Langmuir Systems have) or even better would be to have a simple shapes wizard that would generate a simple G-code inside of Masso


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thanks @grebbo and we are looking into adding something like this for the plasma version. If you can share some information and screenshots of what might be helpful then this forum topic can be used to discuss ideas with other users too.


Thanks Masso!

Langmuir Systems have a simple generator that apparently works really well and is frequently used by Crossfire uses.

it would be nice to have something like that when you just want to make simple cuts without going onto the computer etc. Mach3/4 has a Wizard that generates simple shapes like circles, squares and rectangles which would be AWESOME to have as well and would put Masso ahead of what others are offering.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!


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straight line cutting simply fire the torch jog at speed nessary to cut

as far as shapes you can use medi type in the code i have shapes in my neuron never use it