Strange faceting on G2/G3 moves?



I'm getting really bad faceting on my parts. I'm using a masso with clear path servos on a router table. I'm using a parallel tool path to machine a circular part. Even thought my processor is outputting G2/G3 arcs, i can see a faceting pattern on the parts. Any recommendations?

I'm starting to think that the controller is unable to properly handle G2/G3 arcs?

N3570 G1 X132.806
N3575 G3 X138.62 Y-172.683 I0. J72.794
N3580 X141.772 Y-171.396 I-0.449 J5.604
N3585 X143.583 Y-168.514 I-3.523 J4.225
N3590 X143.719 Y-167.781 I-5.714 J1.438
N3595 X143.776 Y-167.038 I-8.539 J1.029
N3600 G1 X143.801 Y-158.885
N3605 G2 X145.111 Y-156.923 I2.133 J-0.006
N3610 G3 X146.421 Y-154.962 I-0.813 J1.961
N3615 G1 X146.448 Y167.127
N3620 G3 X145.113 Y171.575 I-9.084 J-0.303
N3625 X141.604 Y174.618 I-6.565 J-4.025
N3630 X138.171 Y175.379 I-3.693 J-8.542
N3635 G1 X124.525 Y175.589
N3640 G3 X123.061 Y174.125 I0. J-1.464
N3645 G1 X123.06 Y156.648
N3650 G3 X124.356 Y152.588 I7.009 J0.
N3655 G2 X124.826 Y151.888 I-13.14 J-9.337
N3660 X125.241 Y151.155 I-7.032 J-4.463


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whats the controller serial number and software version you are running on the controller.

In the photo where is the issue?

can you also share the masso settings file.