Suggestions on a probe


G day fellow Masso User

I am looking at investing in a decent probe. Now that I am able to start making quality parts, a probe is imperative in my eyes, especially for Op2 routines where the original stock has been machined and or I need to flip the part

I ve built a TCP, so don t need to combine it with a probe

Any recommendations?

Cheers in advance



G'day Ray, go onto youtube and type in "threadexpress" he is also a kiwi, he has a high impact probe that he manufactures, the model is a ITTP. this looks like a very good product.

There is also the Dewtronics probe which have been used by fellow masso users.

I am not using these probes at the moment but my preference would be the ITTP unit.

I normally use an electronic probe with an audible sound and led. This works and is not expensive.

Masso were talking about their own system however has been put on the back burner whilst sorting out other issues so l dont know if this will go ahead or not.


Thanks for that.....I like the Dewtronics unit . Looks well built

what are people doing for scripts or macros on the Masso, I ve come from a really nice Mach3 setup using a fairly accurate probe I built.

Hopefully one of our community has a solution