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There are many plasma tables out there that have stand-alone THC systems installed. Many common features in these controllers is I/O for Enabling plasma, OK to move, and the one most overlooked by controller designers is disable THC while not disabling Arc Start. The purpose for this is during hole interpolation, the plasma arc voltage will change causing a dive in the THC and problems occur rapidly. I would suggest that you place in your system a way to handle this by giving the user the ability to define arc size limitations in the post and for the controller to issue the appropriate signal to enable this feature on the THC system. I have retrofitted many machines over the years and am hoping to work with Masso on installing these systems on machines in the future but this is a feature that is necessary to many people burning with plasma.

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Hi @kbowengkb

You can strike an arc and move without having the THC on and turn the THC on and off while it is cutting.

M666 turns the THC on and M667 Turns it off. Does this not do what you require?

Am I misunderstanding your request?




Stand alone THC works well with Masso.

Masso you are.

Not your fault.

Will put up the codes I use tomorrow.