TB6600 Stepper Driver Wiring / ESTOP


Hi team,

Just got my MASSO, and spent the last 2 hours removing the old BOB and ESS

Wiring time is now upon us.

I have read numerous posts on the forum, and I just want to affirm my findings please


1 wire to PIN 1 on ESTOP

1 wire to MASSO +12V feed (I have made up a connector rail for 12v inputs)

TB6600 Driver

PUL(+5v) to Pin1 (S+)

PUL(-) to Pin2 (S-)

DIR(+5v) to Pin3 (D+)

DIR (-) to Pin4 (D-)

My current setup had loops between PUL+ and DIR+ and ENA+ I am assuming these loops must now be removed

Thanks in advance guys




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Almost there @kiwicnc, my comments and additions in blue.

1 wire to PIN 1 on ESTOP If you are using an MPG with an Estop you are correct. However, if you only have one Estop it should be wired to Pin 2 see here.

1 wire to MASSO +12V feed (I have made up a connector rail for 12v inputs) And of course the 12 volt negative should also be connected

TB6600 Driver

PUL(+5v) to Pin1 (S+) Fine

PUL(-) to Pin2 (S-) Fine

DIR(+5v) to Pin3 (D+) Fine

DIR (-) to Pin4 (D-) Fine

ENA- to the negative 12 volt supplying the MASSO

ENA+ wire through a 1,000 ohm resistor to the Positive 12 volt supplying the MASSO. This resistor need be only a 1/4 watt type.

The ENA pins are the driver enabling pins - no connect - no workies ?

My current setup had loops between PUL+ and DIR+ and ENA+ I am assuming these loops must now be removed Yes remove these and anything connected to ENA-

That should do it and I hope it helps, Patrick


Thank you Patrick. Can you explain the requirement for the 1,000 ohm resistor on the +12v - looks like i'll have to wait until tomorrow now...LOL





There is an internal resistor in the TB6600 of about 300 ohms but this is only suitable when the pin is powered from 5 volts. Since you are operating with 12 volts the added 1000 ohm is needed to limit the current into the driver. It's only needed on the ENA pin because the others get 5 volt out of MASSO. Well, 10 volts actually but that's too complicated to explain at this late hour!

I have just calculated the currents involved and I would suggest an 820 ohm resistor may be a better choice than the 1000 ohm.



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Hi Kiwi CNC

The Estop goes between Pin2 and the Masso +Ve rail.

See the diagram on the page below.


The drive outputs for the X,Y & Z axis are differential outputs so you have 10v between S+ & S-. The same for the direction outputs as well. You only want 5 volts.

After reading the manual it looks like common Cathode connection is what you require. You do not need the Enable connected to make it run if I read it correctly.

Link the Pul- and Dir- connections on your stepper driver and connect this to GND. (-ve rail of the Masso PSU)

Connect the PUL+ to S+

Connect DIR+ to D+

Leave D- and S- disconnected

I made a drawing of how I would wire it. Connect 1 drive and get it going first then connect the others.

Hope this helps




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In the words of the all mighty Borat "Great Success"

Thank you Peter....I even managed to sort of tune it in....about .150mm back lash on the X, but that has always been the worse axis. Lets hope we get that backlash compensation back soon eh?

Time for bed




I am new to this so please bear with me.

Where is the -VE on the Masso G3? I am not sure where to connect that wire.