Test bench for Masso, does anyone trial first ?


Over 20 years I have had many failures regarding CNC.

Does anyone check and diagnose all situations that can be unknown before installing their Masso.

It has always been a way to test the needed situation without destroying components.

After receiving the G3, time for another test bed.

It's now a needed item.

This time to incorporate my THC for either Plasma or Tig welding.

Photos show from Torch Touch to actual voltage reading regarding up and down.

Lets hope it works.



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Lilow Dude,

There is no doubt in my mind it will work with you on the project. As for an answer to your question I have the controller mtd in the panel and the motors to their perspective axis. I need to install / align the X rails then I can mount the gantry. Then it's time to clean up the solder station for that "Fun & Relaxing" micro soldering on the cables. My thinking was it was more labor to try first then mount, but then again I'm not doing the R&D you are for the THC.


Well SegoMan, thanks for getting involved.

It's great to say I'm going to retro-fit a cnc mill, build a router or a plasma table.

If no previous knowledge of electrical or mechanical design, it will become a nightmare.

With my situation shown, to put this together as a test bench situation is what everyone who is learning should do.

In this case the arc voltage control is already working daily with an up / down change within 0.03 vdc.

This test bench application had to be built to involve every conceivable situation before fitting.

When it is configured into Masso, the G3 may actually allow it to happen.

Then I will get another and use the relevant information to fit it to this machine.

I've already pulled the servo's and controls out, ready to Masso this one I built a few years ago.



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This is some of the Redneck or is that "Strine" logic that went into my build:

I was told by the folks at clear path the NEMA 34 X motor I selected was 4 sizes to big for what was needed to move my gantry so I met them in the middle at 2 sizes above what I needed to allow for more speed. They also said I could use a 23 for the Y but stayed with the same 34 used to move X. My logic behind this is Clear Path allows you to set the Max torque value you wish the motor to have and it will allow X/Y swapping if trouble shooting is ever needed. I intend to build a 5x10 router table after this build is making money and not costing money, at that time I can match the Y's to the actual torque needed.

Building things are not a problem for me as I have worked as a industrial mechanic for 4+ decades AKA Old Fart! The one thing I adhered to in my build was KISS Engineering (Keep It Simple Steve) Things break and needs fixed yesterday! As you know when you live in the outback spare parts are necessary so the fewer the part no's the cheaper the spare part budget..

Getting late here Mate - Keep the knowledge flowing!