THC cheap


I put this up ages ago, cheap THC for Plasma.

Went back to the Plamsa today after fitting new steppers.

Perfect cut.

Found the steppers were not working correctly after 19 years.

I put up a post about adrian H cnc, cheap THC.

Now I don't know whether you are focused, but this acutely works.

I'm interested in Tig welding but have his plasma comparator board setup working with Masso on my 4.2 metre Plasma table.

Just been through his designs again and got this out.

If you have time look at it.

I will recommend his design for Tig welding and with Plasma.

That's cnc 3D, Cheers.


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G'day Lilow, can you put up more details, am interested in THC and would also like to see what he is doing with the tig.



If you want more information about what I am doing you can google adrian H cnc then go to his page and work it out for your own applications.

It happened nearly 2 years ago to stumble across of what an older electrical genius was doing.

This apparently was deemed not acceptable.

I have spent countless hours with this situation together with thanks to the videos of adrian H cnc.

If you are really into it, try again from the start.

Masso hands you a full on controller, they provide everything needed to work with.

adrian H built a circuit for his adaption of Plasma cutting Mach3.

Why would I release everything I started with to adapt to maybe the first 3D Tig welder anywhere.

But I will tell you that if you want to check HF output from a divider board.

Hook up a neon globe then strike the arc, if it glows, HF is still there.

Now, I consulted an old time before PC electrical engineer today regarding HF checking.

By the way, adrian doesn't even know about Tig yet.

It's my idea.




The only way to learn is do it yourself, ask questions to the initial format.

Make your own observations and work it to your limits.

Masso would not supply you their intellectual property.

You can buy the main comparator board for around $13.50 last time I bought a few for this application.


My Tig application cannot be revealed at the moment, but I can say that it can be trimmed to 0.03 volts comparator measurement between up / down now.

This Adrian H said equates to a 0.3mm relevant factor between the up / down movement using it in Plasma on standalone mode.

Very clean cut.

If I can find a 5 digit volt meter, I will trim it further.

Understanding, opens up a new world.

Good luck with your project.