The 3rd Masso


Good day to you all.

I have finally found some time to put into the 3rd Masso purchased.

As I have put together voltage dividers for my plasma operation, built an arc voltage comparator board (arc voltage control) that works in standalone mode with Masso.

It has to have the right post processor for the file generated.

This I think can be set in the Masso G3.

I have decided to go all out and get a machine out that was designated for a 9 axis situation.

Had been working with DeskCNC.

Now machining so many parts that will include everything good about Masso.

More to come.



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Slowly but surely, endeavours can be achieved.

Just worked out the spring balance needed to keep these small motors engaged to the T slot table rack.

Normally I would use an air ram.

With Masso, I feel I can make the T slot table move out 400 mm, trigger a limit that will enable a rotary head to come up, all on the same signal.

This, then after use, will be enabled to let the T slot table go back to the original position.

Most people will purchase one unit for a specific purpose, I do it to challenge the mind.

As you know, I would like to prove the efficiency of the THC developed.

Be able to have this work within, albeit with a post processor for the G and M codes.

Then there is the variable voltage divider for Plasma or even Tig welding.

A few scenarios to work towards.

The Masso gives a lot of options to work with.

I will stay on the course of what I would like to work out.


It would be interesting to how many get their situations happening.

Sergoman, you are no redneck, period.


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To all out there on this incredible Masso forum.

What I am trying to achieve is not what I see here.

CNC has thought me to think again about what you perceive to see.

Over 20 years ago when I first started this challenge, I found one person in Australia who shared the passion..

But leave that alone.

I have read so many articles regarding Plasma in this forum.

I have purchased most of the THC products mentioned.

As I have put up a wiring diagram of this control for THC.

I will now show the two main components below required to make a standalone THC / AVC.

This was put up by an English chap, since been pulled down because of for what ever reason.

These 2 components have been working in my own CNC plasma running Masso for over 18 months.

Cutting control is now registering a voltage reading of 0.03 v of a divided voltage.

That is between high and low signals.

This guy was onto something, period.

2 photos below, one for standalone, next for the Masso with a correct post processor.

And yes the cost, pulsar board - $45 Aus.

4 channel comparator board - $13.50 US.

I am putting this into my 3D Tig welding application.

The very same boards.



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This may be of interest to those setting up a standalone THC.

Post processor script I wrote for my THC with Masso.

Start activation of THC.

G38.2 Z-75 ( floating head to find limit switch )

G92 Z0.0 ( alternate zero )

M3 ( fire Plasma through a relay)

M8 G4 P800 ( turn on relay to instigate the THC control using a delay for stabilization of arc )

End activation.

M5 ( turn off plasma )

M8 ( turn off THC control )

G0 Z60 ( return to safe Z height ) ( this height does not need to be zeroed prior to doing another cut )

I have been using this script for over 18 months with no failures.



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Looking good as usual, the dingo's are on the path to righteous voltage height..

Explain this does the small board stay at the plaz box then you run a wire to the larger one next to the Masso unit? (similar to what Price does)

I see a pot on the small board. does it require any kinda of voltage display to dial in?

Does this have an anti-dive for tight cornering?

What else is needed besides a DeLorean with a Flux capacitor to make this work?

I know, alot of dang question from the Hi-Tech Redneck as my friends call me



The small board is actually is actually a 2 axis pulsar board.

The knob you mentioned is adjustable for the motor speed control.

On this board I only use one of the axi".

The larger board is a 4 channel comparator.

By the way it can be setup, it will take a divided voltage of up 32 volts or as low as 2 volts, I have the read value set at 7.8 volts.

( from the voltage divider, 108 plasma volts to divided 8 volts, 13.5 to 1 divided )

The OK voltage has a low of 6.8 and a high of 8.8 vdc.

If it goes below 6.8 or higher than 8.8, it shuts down.

This is so hard to understand, it's a pity this guy pulled the videos down.

I spent so much time at nights just viewing and taking notes and then drawing the whole setup in CAD along with the values of capacitors and resistors he used.

I have modified the values significantly to get the cutting quality I achieved from this device.

He actually only put videos up of how to hook up the 4 camparator board.

It was my idea to use the pulsar board, I knew about these little boards from previous uses.

When I saw the comparator board, bingo, a lot of things came together as for 20 years I've been trying to get enough information regarding building a THC / AVC.

It made my day when I was able set it working on my kitchen table, then in desperation over 18 months ago when it worked with the Masso.

In one of my earlier posts, there is a layout of the comparator board wiring.

I use a self built voltage divider on the plasma that hooks up to raw arc voltage, before the high freq unit.

I have since put together a voltage divider that should withstand the high frequency starts, I've had it checked by old time electronics whizzes, but haven't tested just yet.



Now to to swap the 2nd Masso G3 and get 1st G3 sent back for a change of the X axis IC.

These IC's I will supply, it was suggested but not taken up that I fit them myself.

Becomes void of warranty.



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The voltage pot.

(I see a pot on the small board. does it require any kinda of voltage display to dial in?

Does this have an anti-dive for tight cornering?

Never needed anti dive in the last 20 years.

So take notice to forget that.

I will hopefully after contacting Masso today, if their story comes back right.

And it works with the Thc in Masso, I may put a couple of these things together.

A friend said to me lately, most people do not understand how this can happen.

Most know how to build their machine, but how do you adapt some foreign product like a THC into the mist of all you have learnt.

Busts your mind, most times.



Just swapping over the G3 Masso for another G3 as the first one failed.

As I have had good results for 20 years using Gecko Drive 201X, so ordered some more.

The Chinese stuff hasn't got a patch on this stuff.

If everything goes right with the code for the THC into Masso, it all should be sweet.

After replying to the them last night, they could be busy.

So I will now progress to put the comparator board voltages straight into the Masso.

But have decided to go back to drivers that work.



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Just in.

Focused on to get the THC comparator board working within the Masso G3.

In similation mode running M667 with Plasma on with Arc OK, up and down signals.

It bloody well works.

The working voltage is 0.03 between up and down movements.

Video of the screen below.


It bloody well works with Masso.

My THC into Masso

Worked out a post proccessor.

It took a couple of goes of refining, and adjustments to the code, but it works.

I need to get a video done properly.

For such a Neanderthal system, it just moves so sweetly.

Keep you posted.



Now just a bit of guff.

If you want to build and install your own THC.

Here are the codes that make mine work with Masso.

This is the only time as Masso wouldn't know how to go about it.

As good as Masso is, it takes you guys, the developers with endeavours to post online.

This will then give them the information to go further with this product.

I believe it is structured for a win win for Masso.

So now after the sceptic's suggested that this THC wouldn't work.

Now I will keep it all close to the chest.

So therefore, I will give some information away to a few.

Most of it is out there anyway.

As it has taken 2 plus years to look at this THC using the basics of parts.

It has been put to me that every CNC control out there could accommodate this scenario.

I'm so glad it worked.


G00 X50 Y0
G38.2 Z-75
G92 Z0.0
M8 G4 P200
G01 X500 Y500 F1000
G0 Z60
G00 X0 Y0


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Quote from Lilow on January 24, 2020, 6:15 pm

I'll try and work it out.

  • Get youtube up.
  • Click on your logon icon
  • Select your channel
  • Select the video that you wish to show
  • Click in browser address bar - it should highlight whole address
  • Right click, select copy or press CTRL & C - you have now copied the youtube video address
  • Return to MASSO forum
  • Right click, select paste or press CTRL & V - you have now pasted the link for us to follow.

I know probilily to much info, but just trying to help. Would like to see your machine in action.




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Lilow fought off the rabid dingo's and Got R Done!

To what Breezy posted:

When uploading your video you will have the option of public or private:

Public all of Y/T will see it

Private only the people you send the link too can see it (save this link on a file in your computer as it will not show up in your channel)

Fill in the description box with terms like "CNC Plasma", "Torch Height Control" separate with a comma (these will become the searchable terms in Y/T)


Since last night, I had to work today.

So back and playing again.

Here are a few screen shots of the X, Y, Z axis and the the THC in F1.

I couldn't believe it last night to have this comparator board work within Masso.

I've played around and increased the touch torch situation.

It is taking a feed rate of 5500.00 mm/min.

This works.

It will done , now for fine tuning.


By the way, why is the THC screen in F1 so misleading ?


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Hi Lilow

You need to make you video Unlisted or Public for others to see it. At the moment it is private. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

In what way is the THC screen in F1 misleading ?

Cheers Peter