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I m old school...I ve designed everything from logos to websites online apps, even tshirt and fashion graphics for athletic wear. I designed and built my own screen printing machinery and most any other gadget that would help me produce higher quality designs.

in my off time I love to carve on my lathe, and invent new gadgets.

a few years back I saw a video on YouTube of a man making his own CNC router out of wooden parts to cool I found another project to jump into. A few weeks later I came across some scrap half inch aluminum plate dirt cheap. It was enough to build my own machine for under 75 bucks, and a lot more solid, but a lot more work. Of course, I used the cheaper Chinese parts. But it worked OK.

Now I want to upgrade to a more stable industrial version so I decided to buy some ballscrews and upgrade the electronics. I decided on Masso in hopes of streamlining the process and dropping mach3. I can t wait to see if the MASSO kicks my cnc router into high gear. If it does you guys will be the first to know.

?George, GOK


I am upgrading my router however My working router still has some parts that I would like to still use such as the stepper motors and drivers as well as a new 4th axis I purchased. If anyone has any insight as to the setup of the parts with the Masso that would be great i will attach photos and give the specs on my machine below. I need all the help I can get!.

3- Nema 23 stepper motor dual shaft 57BYGH115-003B 3.0A oz-in) 115mm from wantai.

1- act motor 23hs8430ag15 for the 4th axis...specs are attached in photo

4 - DQ542MA stepper motor drivers from wantai.
input voltage: 18-50vdc
input current: < 4A
output current: 1.0-4.2a

consumption: 80W

photos is attached:.......

Spindle Motor:
Work voltage: 12-48VDC
Rotation speed: 3000-12000r/min
Power: 400W
Insulation resistance:>2Megohm
Dielectric strength:400V
Motor Length : 186mm
Axis collet Length: 48mm
Diameter of Axis collect holder:16mm
Repeat accuracy: 0.01-0.03mm
ER11 collect: 3.175mm

Ball screws

2-screws: 5mm lead 1 screw: 8mm lead

thanks so much to anyone who can help... :)



I basically have the same system however nema 34 motors, this was on my router and running mach 3. Have now fitted this system to my mill.

It was very simple to hook up motors to the masso and then there is the motor drive wizard for calibrating motors, not too hard at all.

I have attached a pdf from Oceans controls, this shows wiring, Masso is wired up instead of breakout board.

I can add more photos if it helps.


Hi All

I am still trying to configure the axis with the Controller. I sill seem to need allot of help here.

I was wondering if anyone has the same stepper motor, driver and screw configuration that I have.

I am having a hard time figuring out correct axis configuration in my Masso controller?
  1. My x axis and my y axis s are 852mm total thread length, with a 5mm lead, 480mm travel ball screws.
  2. My Z axis is a 150mm total thread length, 2mm lead, 100mm travel ball screw.
  3. My stepper motors are all: Nema23 57BYGH115-003B DUAL SHAFT 3A 425oz-in 115mm 1.8degree 2Phase
  4. All drivers are same as longs DQ542MA drivers.

If any one knows the best dip switch settings, homing and x, y, z axis calibration settings it would be of great help. I am still in need of help with this.
For all 3 axis s ... my dip switches are as follows: 1 off, 2 on, 3 off, 4 off , 5 off, 6 off, 7 on 8 on...

on the homing sequences popup, the home position is grayed out and the text fields are populated with numbers coming from the axis config popup window. I don,t know why I can not input from the homing sequences popup-home positions fields? my version is: (00002131.HTG - MASSO controller software v3.29.2a.)
  1. Motor: distance per revolution: in mm -( I have the X and Y leads at 5mm one revolution?)
  2. Drive: pulses per revolution I know this depends upon the dip switch settings. I am not sure what is the optimum.??
  3. Max feedrate: in mm: (I can t seem to find what is best)
  4. Acceleration mm/sec?2: (I can t seem to find what is best)
  5. Travel min: in mm: (I have at 00mm)
  6. Travel max: in mm: (I have put x and y at 450mm to be safe?)

Please see the image attached for the specs on the motors, drivers and ballscrews?

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you all in advanced friends.

George (GOK)