Tool change with an input signal


good evenening from Belgium.

I'm not shure if I have to post this under tool changers, but its related to tool changing so here we go:

After 60 jobs I realize I need a button to switch to the probe. My probe is Tool 99 and it would be really nice if I could do the "ask for probe routine" (T99M6) with the press of a button.

Since -for now- I can't get the touch screen function, T99M6 is 60% of the commands I do on my keyboard. I tried with autoload G-code, but (again it seems I'm not so good at reading) that is exactly what it says... load the code, not run it.

There is a logic behind loading and running I can't figure out. Sometimes I have to rewind the code, sometimes I have to go to the work origin. If I could figure out the logic begind this, I could save some time instead of pushing unnecessary buttons :) First of all I'm going to dig a little deeper into the documentation.

any ideas?



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Hi Chris,

You must press Rewind before running the file.
A file that has been run all the way through and has had an M30 (Stop and rewind) at the end of it will start without pressing the rewind button but I find it good practice to do it anyway.
You should not have to move to the origin point to start a program.
With regards the [Load Probe] button idea I have submitted a ticket for consideration.

Very nice machining though I admit that I have no idea of what it is that you have actually made.

Cheers Peter


Hi Peter,

Thx for the answers. The M30 is a good thing to add in my post prossessor.

I have the [load probe] under auto loadg code1 and that works quite well for now. The minor thing is that I have to load the code, rewind the code and then press start. I have a button for all that codes and could use a logic to run all 3. For me, that is even faster then go to the MDI.

What I did forgot was that the original program is not loaded anymore. I have to remember to probe before I load the program that has to be milled. On the other hand, concentration is quite important when milling...

About that aluminum pillow... well.. I have also no idea what it is. I have some 3D work in the future and was testing mills and paths. Let's call it ALUART ;-)