Tool wear out compensation


Hello everyone

So i work on different types of stones on my diy 3 axis cnc. So in my case, i use diamond abrasive bits to cut the stone. But these bits wear out very soon so i need an automatic tool wear compensation helper. Does masso already have that option or it is achieved in the cam software ..


Tool wear compensation falls into the general cutter compensation category which the Masso controller does not have. I have mentioned the importance of this feature a few times in several conversations around here. so this would be an example of why it would be an important feature to have on a milling controller. since it does not have this feature at this point in time the only way to adjust for wear is to go back to the CAM software and make your adjustments there and re post the entire program after the changes are made there and load the program again.

Every tool should be on a offset page and the diameter or radius value or a wear value that cutter compensation uses should adjust to those small changes. on the same offset page there should be length value and a wear on that offset as well to adjust for small changes at the controller. typically you have T# the that works with the H# and a D# that all control the cutter compensation for that tool being used. something i hope to see in the future for sure. very important stuff if you are working to tight tolerances. so the T# tells it what tool is loaded the H# matches the tool being used and relates to the length value on the offset page for that tool and the D# matches those numbers and pulls the offset info to apply to the diameter of the tool used. they all work together to add control and fine adjustment on the fly. G41 , G42 control the diameter and direction of the compensation G40 cancels Compensation. G43 turns on the length compensation and a G49 cancels the length compensation

short answer is make the changes in your CAM software. the rest is just my 2 cents on what we should have for this.