torch hight controller


Is there a way I can just use the torch touch input. for the IHC. No THC. Reason I have a THC unit that connects directly between the motor driver and the controller for step direction

The unit controls the THC z motor directly and send an arch ok to the controller will this work with the masso.

This is an intergraded unit and will respond way faster cutting things like diamond plate

I need it to do all the initial high functions. tool settings in sheet cam. then let the THC unit control the z during cutting. then once the cut dun. the z goes back to masso control the z

The arch up down and have to use codes from sheet cam for THC is just not cutting it... Thanks Jeff c


It is my understanding the z motor step direction commands pass through the THC unit. Until the unit receives an arc voltage then it takes control of the z motor with its internal programing. And cut height setting.. It also sends an arch ok to the controller arch voltage stops z commands from the controller resume

My question is with torch touch it s my understanding the height settings come from sheet cam.or does the masso have an IHC setting for the torch touch to reference in the masso .

So the IHC and pierce height settings would happen before the torch fires

My question is if the masso receives arc ok. And no arch up down signals. I assume it does nothing to control the z motor

So what should happen torch touch? Then gcodes with pierce height settings. Torch fires arc ok to controller. Delay starts in THC unit THC takes control of Z motor movement to maintain cut height. Arc stops controller would move to the next cut. And start again.


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  1. so first we move down using G38.2 to find the top of the work piece
  2. next we set this as our workoffset Z0.00
  3. we move to the piercing height as set in sheetcam
  4. switch on the relay for plasm to switch on
  5. wait for arc ok signal
  6. move to cutting height
  7. at this stage if THC is switched on in gcode using M667 then MASSO moved Z axis up or down as per the up or down external signals. So in your case you simply not use M667.