Touch Plate File


Jerry In Maine
This code was for finding work surface zero with my touch plate, which is .843" high. It take the Z down until it contact the plate but the last time I tried it drove the bit I to the spoil board afterwards. I expected the M1.25 to bring the bit up 1"

hoping someone more fluent in G Code can take a look to see what I might have wrong.

G38.2 Z-.75 F5
G92 Z.843
G0 Z1



Anthony L
..... and you want to change the G38.2 Z-.75 F5 to G38.2 Z.75 F5 that way if you forget to put the plate in position you won't go through the spoil board.

Also check any work offsets (G54, G55, ......) especially in the Z column.