Trouble Resuming a Job - Error "Can't Read File"



I am having trouble getting a job to begin on a specific line in the G-code. When it prompts for the starting line number, it returns the error "Can't Read File" no matter what number I put in there, except for the number zero. For example, if a job stopped at line 3574, and I want to begin the job at line 3574, I type '3574' in the dialog box, but I end up getting an error every time. Am I doing something wrong? As of now, when a job is interrupted, I cannot restart it without having to start at the beginning of the file.

Also, could you please consider re-positioning that box with the "Buy Now/Delivery via DHL Express/Need Help" links on right/center part of your web page, because it inconveniently blocks a very much used part of the screen, especially while reading posts in this forum... I had to preposition the window just to type this sentence ? . I am using Chrome with the zoom at 100% for my particular scree/resolution. If I lower the zoom, the text becomes uncovered, but it then becomes difficult to read the text.

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I have the same issue, I can't restart a program except for rewind and line 0. This issue is on my hit list, just not said anything yet (bigger issues). Also the G-code preview is still way out of sequence to what is getting cut, and locks up after a while... (Mill v3.29.1a)


These are concerns of mine as well. Your website is pretty, but hard to read with the large orange bar at the top popping in and out each scroll, the buy now and the free item popup really are distracting.

Its important to me to have read friendly documentation.


software version : Mill Gen-II V3.29.1a

Controller S/N 5A-2296

Controller S/N 5A-2347

I have the same issue too = ="

When I found this problem because press "E-STOP",

need to resume NC code Line: 29447,

Ctl+J pop up input "No", when I input "N29447", no error msg "Can't read file",

but ... still not jump to Line : 29447.

it's my bug info.


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Yes there is an issue with gcode jump logic. We are actually working on a newer logic where the controller will run the program in memory so that it can calculate the last axis position before the line to start from including spindle direction, RPM and other commands.