using the auto tool zero as the probing plate as well


Hello sir,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for all the help you've given me in the past.

Is it possible to use the auto tool zero as the probing plate as well with out changing the onscreen masso setup screen every time? Meaning I could unplug the touch plate from one input and then plug into the other input without much problem?

Would I have to wire a separate setup to the power supply and to another input on the masso?

It looks like the auto tool zero and the probing plate are wired the same.





Hi George,

Probing with G38.2 can be done with the same probing plate and repeated in each axis X, Y, or Z. You simply have to reposition the touch plate to the surface you want to measure from. You can also modify the touch plate to add to two vertical reference surfaces that line up with the X and Y edges then combine the measurements into one program. The edge finder I was machining in the recent video that Masso posted called Making an Edge Finder Has those vertical reference faces for that purpose.

Let me know if you need help programming the G38.2 function. I can share some specific examples if you need it but I posted a sample G-Code for my corner finding program in this older forum post. It goes and finds and sets the 3 references and locates the X0,Y0, Z1 zero corner automatically. Once the corner is found I simply use autoload button in the work offsets page to set the new reference. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


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@gok if you want only one touch plate for both functions, you can wire the signal from the touch plate to two inputs on MASSO and assign one as tool setter input and other as probe input, this way the signal will go to both of them. In theory this should work, you can give it a go and see how you go.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help.

I will try it out and get back to you soon. Yes I might need your help.