using the axis calibration wizard


I am calibrating my x axis....
  1. I position the spindle and ZERO the x-axis, the masso screen shows all zeros for the x-axis
  2. I click on the setup, then the x axis and click on the wizard.
  3. I then click on the zero button in the wizard
  4. I click on the jogging tab.
  5. The x-axis now has some number in, it is no longer zero
  6. I zero the x-axis again
  7. I then jog the x-axis over, take my measurement and complete the wizard.

My question - Why is zeroing in the wizard not zeroing the x-axis, but instead actually makes it non-zero?

After I zero in the wizard should I not zero it again in the jog screen, does that non-zero number mean something?

Should I leave the number placed there by zeroing the x-axis in the wizard and just move the spindle for the measurement?

Or if I zeroed before opening the wizard, not use the zero button in the wizard tool which seems like a redundant operation. I figure it initiates the wizard process.



The answer lies in the function of the DRO buttons. When you Zero the DRO manually you are activating the G92 temporary work offset function. The wizard provides a Zero function for the test so you do not need to zero the DRO before running the wizard. Before running the wizard make sure that the lower left part of the screen shows G54 as active and that G92 is not shown. If you see G92 in the lower bar then open MDI and enter G92.1 to cancel the temporary offset then run the wizard afterwards. It should work without touching the DRO buttons.

Hope this helps,

Cheers, Stephen Brown


Staff member

Further to what Stephen said, when you run the axis calibration wizard and you have positioned the spindle to your start position and click on the wizard zero button, you are zeroing a internal counter. After jogging to the finish position and you enter the distance travelled the wizard calculates from the number of pulses counted to move the spindle with the distance moved to come up with Distance per revolution figure. So you need to set pulses per revolution to the correct number per your stepper motor & drive data, before running the wizard.