Using touch plate and G38.2 for part zero:


Hello Sir

I wish you the best of luck with the new masso version launch.

a question though-

I am having trouble when I -Using touch plate and G38.2 for part zero - after touching off the z axis raises all the way to the top and sets off the z axis alarm.

my total z movement is 0" - 3.472 "

do you have any suggestions for me?

to avoid machine vibration what acceleration on all axis would you suggest

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HI @gok

are you using a z axis offset when homing? If not try a .1" offset for the z axis, set it on homing page. Don't forget to change your z axis travel to -3.372" to compensate for the different home location.

As far as accel and decel I think that's a trial and error thing as machinery characteristics and mechanical and physical properties are quite different. Too little will get you a pretty hard stop and too much will be pretty spongy. You could even coast over your prox switches if set with too long a ramp. I generally set things with a pretty short ramp and then slowly increase it just enough to take the shock out of the starting and stopping

good luck. Guy


Hello sir

thanks you two.

I place the puck on the work piece, center the tool over it. Because I am not able to enter the code through the MDI (I don't know why it does not start on enter) I load the code from my USB.
  • G38.2 Z-20 F200
  • G92 Z20
  • G0 Z50
  • M30

The tool moves down, after touching off the z axis raises all the way to the top and sets off the z axis alarm.
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You mentioned in your first post that you have 3.472 inches of travel, so am I correct in assuming that you have the MASSO set to run in imperial mode. The code you are using is telling MASSO to set the top of the puck at Z20 (inches) and then move to Z50 (inches) which is way above the top of your Z travel, hence it moves to the top and sets off the Z limit alarm.

All the Z numbers should be in inches.
  1. G38.2 Z-.787 F7.87
  2. G92 Z.787
  3. G0 Z1.968
  4. M30





Thank you Pal,

It certainly makes sense.

It must be obvious to you all That I haven't been doing this long

I will give it a try today.

Thanks so much brother