v3-31beta-beta blank screen


Ausamah alirqi
hi deer:

to day i received the device.... The software for this release, MASSO Mill 5-Axis Update v3-31beta-beta (Tester Release), that you sent me will not run.

The controller shows the progress bar with no errors. When rebooted the screen is blank. Perhaps you could send me another copy.

thank you ....



Ausamah alirqi
Hi dear:

Thank you for the quick answer ... I have installed the two files you sent me and the device is now functioning normally (the keyboard, mouse, screen and the internal program) I have noticed the ease of using the program ... I will take it to the second stage of the work connecting the device with driver and servo motor ...I will share with you the problems that will arise

thank you



MASSO Support
Staff member
That's great, thanks for letting us know. Can you please share with us why it was not working earlier so that we can maybe add some points for others to keep in mind while updating the controller.