Very simple Linear 7 tool ATC


Good day Masso team!!!!

I have a Shapeokoo on steroids and recently installed a G3 Masso controller, i am super happy with the performance!!!!

as part of my plan i ordered an ATC adapter from Germany (Mechatron STC-80) really simple, comes with the solenoid valve for the clamp and installs under my 2.2 spindle...

I have seen the Tool changer type 2 and my configuration will be simpler...

my tools will be at the front of the machine, sitting in holes on the same wasteboard, on the limit of the work area, my idea is to pick up and drop the tool holders with a vertical motion...


job pauses, spindle stopped, coolant output on OFF

Tool change is commanded

spindle retracts to home

moves on top of empty tool holder pocket (corresponds to the installed tool holder)

pulses pocket clean up output for 1 second

moves down to unclamp distance

unclamps the tool

Possibly check for tool on tray input to be HIGH

retract spindle to home position

move along x axis to new tool pocket

pulses pocket clean up output for 1 second

drops spindle to clamp position

clamps tool holder

retract spindle to Z home position

Possibly check for tool off tray input to be in LOW

move on X and Y coordinates for tool setter (can i please use my output 2 to pulse an air vale solenoid for 1 second and cleanup the tool setter?)

I only plant to use 2 outputs if possible and two inputs maybe 3 inputs, see comment:

output 15 clamp/unclamp

output 16 tool pocket cleanup

input 3 clamp/unclamp

input 7 Toolsetter (already installed and in use )

Input 5 Tool ON/OFF tray (optional)

I would like your suggestion if i should use an input to detect tool on tray and tool off tray, it can be a single input connecting all the pockets in series, all the tools on tray will close the contact (input on high), as soon as a tool is lifted (input on low), it opens the contact...

I am looking forward to your comments, i will receive the ATc in a week, wo i would love to be prepared for it

Thanks TEAM



My ATC adaptor will arrive next week, this is the same tool and the operation i think i need,,

Please let me know if this is the right place to request help about my ATC, or if i need to request a ticket!!!!


Thanks so much


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Test the current linear ATC logic and if doesn't work the way you require it to then raise a ticket to have new logic written for you. Provide as much detail as possible and include a link to this topic. Also keep this topic updated with your progress/failures as a future reference.




Type 2 Tool changer without the Dust hood and load unload will be on vertical motion.

Thanks so much, i am worried that is don't plan to use a dust hood so if the system looks for a dust hood UP Don signal it won't have one....

so i wont use this:

Tool Changer Input 3 for Dust Hood UP OK signal (High means hood UP)

Type 2 used a lateral (parallel to X or Y) in order to locate the tool on the pocket?

i plan to use it exactly like the video...

Thanks so much... ATC will be received in 7 days APROX



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Hi Guys,

One thing that will help with setting up your tool changer is if your set up does not use a particular set of inputs or outputs mentioned in the tool changer logic then do not assign the input or output.
In this case Masso will skip that particular function and move on.

I occasionally set my machine for testing as either Type 1 or Type 2 linear tool changer and it will run a tool change sequence even though I do not have dust hoods, or any input / outputs configured. I don't even have a tool change spindle but Masso goes through the motions of a tool change.

If you do not have a dust hood then don't configure input 3 and it won't wait for the signal before continuing.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter


Thanks so much Peter, that almost solves everything, the only thing left to check is the motion the machine does in order to approach the tool Holder rack, some devices is a horizontal motion paralel to X or Y, and in my case it is parallel to Z axis, goes on top of pocket, lowers tool holder, release, goes up, moves to new tool, drops again, pick up new tool and lift up!!!

I am happy this is happening, and all you guys are really helpful, i wish more people has Masso and more people here in the forum/////

Thanks so much



Thanks so much, tested without the ATC and it all works perfectly, i think i wont need any change to the logic.... AWESOME.

In a week or two i hope to post a video with the first test of the ATC working...


This beauty arrived at the end of the day!!!


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