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I have been working on my CNC rebuild and conversion to Masso and are up to connecting the VFD and spindle and have read through the VFD manual.

I am hoping some folk here can help me with some questions that I have in regards to setting this up as I have read the manual and it says there are some high voltages inside that are dangerous. I could probably buble through it but really some advice is probably the best way to proceed from some more experienced people here. I am in rural Tasmania, and unfortunately I dont have any boffins that could help me locally solve this setup.

The VFD was connected to a motherboard type object in the old hardware for power and signal I simply unplugged the signal cables and disconnected the power. So it is sitting in that state. The brand is Control Techniques and the model is a Commander SE, the CNC machine is 240v and was running off a 15amp circuit.

http://www.guilleviniag.com/downloads/Products/Control Techniques/Commander SE.pdf this is a link to the manual
  • A few questions I have from the manual, is it describes the need for a fuse or circuit breaker?
  • it also said that there is capacitance in the unit and that if the unit is connected by a pinned lead the lead terminals can be live and need isolation?
  • does the vfd need isolation from the other electronics?

I would really appreciate some assistance or a point in the right direction to work through this in the most safe manner

Kind Regards



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The link you provided lead to a brochure. Here is a more throughout document:

I'm not experienced at the subject though.


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Oh cheers, I copied the wrong link, thank you for the heads up, and the correct link.

Im sure eventually someone will point me in the right direction, I am in no rush to get this sorted just want it done correctly. :)


If you are talking about page 23 then I think isolation in this case means to switch off main power and what they mean is:

You should not change tools in the spindle without remove main power to the VFD so that you are sure it won't start.

You should not fiddle with any cables connected to the VFD within 10 minutes after main power is removed.

Don't leave leave connectors with high voltage open or reachable for touching

/Bj rn


Hi I got an Invertek 2.2kw VFD from 3dtek would any one here have the wiring diagrams to a masso for this Invertek unit


Ok I got my VFD setup tonight and connected to the Masso, I did have a little bit of help from Ben at 3DTEK, the guy is a legend (please support his business where you can)

Anyway I have the Masso connected, I have checked the VFD spindle and believe the settings are correct I have double/triple checked them (ben helped me with this part initally)

The wiring I think is ok, found the 3d tek diagram had the wires around the wrong way. 4 & 5 this worked to get it going

Anyway my issues is I do a line command of say S5000 and then M3 the problem is that will make my VFD and spindle go to about 7990 rpm not 5000rpm

has anyone got an idea on this ?



This sounds like a problem with the spindle RPM setting. Some spindles have different size pulleys that affect the RPM. The VFD may not be giving you a true RPM value if the machine has pulleys of different sizes. Try adjusting the value for the "Spindle RPM at 100% Duty Cycle" to see how it affects the actual RPM. I had to tweak mine a little to get it to match properly.

Cheers, Stephen Brown