Weird homing issue



I get a strange problem that i'm not sure how to fix. If i stop a job using ESC, when i'll try to restart a job, the machine will crash by doing a weird z0 move. I have auto tool change setup with a touch plate fixed to my machine bed. So when I home the machine it homes all axis then goes to touch the tool on the plate.

It seems that the controller will interpret the "G28 G91 Z0 line" the wrong way (see code below) and will dive towards the workpiece instead of going to the machine zero. Should i use another command to stop a job or should I enter another command after stoping the job to get the machine in the right mode (relative vs absolute i guess?)


(T1 D=6.35 CR=0. - ZMIN=1.5 - FLAT END MILL)
(T14 D=3.175 CR=0. TAPER=118DEG - ZMIN=1.046 - DRILL)
(T22 D=6.35 CR=0. TAPER=118DEG - ZMIN=0.092 - DRILL)
N10 G90 G94 G91.1 G40 G49 G17
N15 G21
N20 G28 G91 Z0.
N25 G90


MASSO Support
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as per the forum topic, is the issue in homing or while running the program?

Please also make sure to remove un supported gcodes from your file such as G40, G49.

so at which line number you see the issue?

whats your controller serial number and software version?