When will G41 / G42 be incorporated?


Reviewing the G codes supported, I do not see G41/G42. These are basic codes for tool radius compensation when turning. I do see you have columns for tool radius in the tool tables. Can you tell me if these are supported and if not, when? Also, I assume you can set tool position for use on a front or rear tool machine (flat bed lathe or slant bed turning center)?

Do you support rigid tapping (G84)?

Also, do you plan to incorporate the canned cycles for lathe (G70, G71, G72) and macros (G65)?


MASSO Support
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As most of the users these days are using CAM packages and are more comfortable using the CAM software, its not in our priority list but with time we will be adding the gcodes to the MASSO software.

Yes you can easily chose the tool position while calibrating them, more info: https://www.masso.com.au/docs/masso...librating-tools/lathe-tool-calibration-steps/