Why do I have to invertZ axis?


Helping a friend ad Masso to an engine lathe.

I have to invert z axis in the Z axis page and the homing page. This makes the z axis run the opposite way with the jog button. I also have to program the z axis backwards.


MASSO Support
Staff member
Axis direction is setup in the following steps:
  1. First check if the direction is ok, if moved to Z+ direction then the axis should move away from the chuck and when Z- moved then move towards chuck.
  2. If the above is not correct then in Z axis setup invert the direction as needed.
  3. Next home the machine and the Z axis should move away from the chuck, towards the tail stock and that is where the homing sensor should be.
  4. If it moves towards the chuck, then press escape to stop homing cycle and in homing setup invert the Z direction as needed.