My questions are in regards to wiring and power supplies. The following are the components I have:

Masso board 4 axis

2 x 24v DC (14amps) power supplies

4 x Nema 23 stepper motors with M542 drivers

4 x homing switches (purchased from Masso) Z,X,Y and Slave axis to the Y.

1 x 9V independent power supply ( wall charger for tablet/cell phone) would I need a minimum of 12V?

My first questions is:

Would it be better to power the Masso board with the independent 9V power supply over connectiing it to the 24V DC power supply? What is the minimum/maximum voltage the Masso Board will take? It states that it uses 12-24V, what is the recommended voltage?

My second question is:

Could you provide a wiring diagram based on the components mentioned above? I wouldn t want to wrongly connect a component/power supply and cause myself any issues or extra expense if I need to replace a component( Masso board especially!!!!!!!!)

My third questions is:

How would I connect my homing switch for the slave Y axis? Would I create a jumper between the two and only have 1 wire to the Masso board?

I thank you for your time and would appreciate your advice.


MASSO Support
Staff member
  1. You can use the 24v DC (14amps) power supply, MASSO needs a minimum of 12v to work properly.
  2. For the Y axis, do you need to install two sensors to home this axis? It basically comes down to the question that do you need to align your Y axis during homing or not?