work offset G54 & G92


Hello I,m have a problem with my Masso it is the work offset G54 & G92 is red win I try to roan my mill

and the feed is at 100% and the tool 12.7mm and I do not know how to change it like some help


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As G92 is a temporary work offset the status bar is displayed RED. G92.1 turns G92 off and returns the status bar to black.

G54 can be set on F4 screen.

Please supply more information as to what you are trying to do and what your problem is.




Hello Arie thank you I just can tern it of but one's I X0Y0Z0 it come's back and it will not rain


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Hi Abram,

CNC machines have 3 layers of coordinates.
  1. Machine coordinates. These define the extreme limits of the machine and are used to define where various parts are located such as tool changers, touchoff plates, home location etc. These are fixed locations on the table located when the machine homes.
  2. Working coordinates G54 through G59 . These are an offset of the machine coordinates. In these you can define the start of your cutting surface, jig locations etc. These are permanently stored in the system memory and can be relocated after a power outage as they are a fixed offset from the machine coordinates.
  3. Temporary work offsets. This is your G92 which describes the offset from your G54 through G59 and occurs when ever you zero an axis. These are stored in ram and are lost in a power outage unless you write them to one of the working coordinates in F4 screen

All these coordinate systems work together to make a CNC machine work.

I suspect your issue has nothing to do with G92 though turning the G92 off may mask the problem. Your best option is to explain fully what your problem is along with any information you think is relevant and if you can maybe a quick video clip showing the issue so that we can understand your problem and help. Seeing G92 on the screen is normal. It is never off on my machine.

Hope this helps




Abram, one other offset issue that may be confusing: if you load a part that is too large (for the programmed table size), the program may start to run, and when you get an axis movement (in the direction where the part is too large), you will get a soft axis alarm and the program will stop. This one has stummped me more than once. I usually resolve this by re-positioning the part on the table, or modifying the post to work within my table limits. I hope this helps a little. Have fun!