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I am having trouble getting my head around the correct way to use work offset table. I am familiar on how to use the DRO's to set the X & Y origin of my part using an edge finder but I am not clear on how to use the Auto Load Value feature in the work offsets table. Here is the step by step process I use to locate the X and Y axis edges.
  1. Use MDI command T99 Mo6 to change the current tool to T99 Probe. (Standard audible edge finder with round ball and fixed length)
  2. Locate the top of the part by jogging the Z axis until the edge finder touches the part.
  3. Press DRO button to Zero the Z Axis.
  4. Note the Machine Coordinate for the Z axis.
  5. Jog to the left and down to align edge finder with the part left side.
  6. Locate the part edge by jogging the X axis toward the part until the edge finder touches it.
  7. Jog up in Z to clear the top of the part.
  8. Use MDI command G01 X0.1973 F10 to move the X axis 1/2 the edge finder ball diameter to center the spindle it over the edge of the part.
  9. Press DRO button to Zero the X Axis.
  10. Note the Machine Coordinate for the X axis.
  11. Repeat 5-10 for Y axis.
  12. Go to work offset page and type in Part Origin for X, Y, and Z in Machine Coordinates for G54.

I have setup the tool table with the corresponding fixed tool lengths for the end mills and drills I need for each job. I also included the length and diameter for the edge finder for T99. When I try to use the autoload feature in the work offsets table it also loads the machine coordinates into the DRO overriding my part origin Zero settings so I have been entering them in the table manually. If I don't adjust the G54 location in work offsets table the controller goes to the wrong location when I try to run the program. I also noticed that the message at the bottom of the screen sometimes shows G54 and a G92 in Red color and sometimes it just shows G54 in white color.

1- What is the correct way you intended for us to use your work offsets table?

2- Is there a more efficient way to locate the part edges this using a manual probe?

3- Is there a way to enter edge finder radius offset into DRO without having to move the axis?

4- How is the Auto Load Value feature supposed to work?

5- What does the Red colored G54 and G92 signify?

MASSO #5A-1263 using 4 Axis software V3.37


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  1. Tool calibration is a long topic and will be much easy to explain via a video, we will try to make a video for this.
  2. For probing you can use G38.2 command.
  3. The G92 in red color on the bottom is just to tell the user that G92 (temporary work offset) is in use, this shows up when you click the X, Y or Z zero buttons on the screen. This is totally normal when using G92.
  4. I think for "Auto Load Value" you mean "Auto tool zero" please see the below video, hope this helps



Thank you for your prompt feedback.

I don't use the auto tool zero value approach since my end mill tool lengths are fixed and I have them entered in the F4 tool list. The Auto Load Value button I was referring to is the one on the F4 work offset table page. When I press this button it overrides the Zero value I had previously set and replaces it with the current machine coordinate. I think its supposed to only collect the current machine coordinate and enter it in the table but for some reason its also adjusting the DRO to the current machine coordinate. This might be a bug since the DRO should be at part zero not machine zero or it could be that I am not using the feature the way it was intended. In any case I gave up on it and just enter the value in the work offsets table manually.

I understand that G38.2 requires a probe to be connected. At this point I just want to understand how we are supposed operate Masso to locate the part edge and set the work offset to Zero using a manual edge finder so the G38.2 code does not apply. I also want to understand how to use the work offset table and the auto load value button on F4 screen. A video on this topic would be totally awesome but verbal feedback for improvements to my step by step process would be appreciated.

BTW have you guys tried using to provide an audio and visual response? That might help save time on more complex topics like this one.


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yes those autoload values are used so that you can move the machine to position then goto F4 screen and rather than typing the values manually can click autoload to load values from the machine coordinates.

You will see the work coordinates change on the screen if you are currently using the workoffset that you are modifying in F4 as after saving the new values the system location will be updates as per the new entered values.


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if the same offset is in use then automatically the position of the work coordinates will be updated as the controllers offsets its position from the F4 screen data.

Please also note that if G92 is in use during that time then it might cause confusion showing a offset that you did not expect because G92 is always in combination with work offsets, so maybe disable G92 first by giving G92.1 command.