X Axis slave issues


I'm running a 5 by 10 foot plasma table with a slave on the x axis running one side of the gantry. I'm having a strange issue where I'm cutting a straight 150mm curve in the y direction so no input on the x direction, and the slave axis rotates the stepper about 1/4 of a turn or about 3 mm linear with my gearing in the positive direction. The slave is the drive moving, no movement in the actual X axis drive. I'm going to wire the slave directly into the other output like I've read on here and make sure I'm not getting some type of feedback in the system.

Any help would be appreciated



MASSO Support
Staff member
  1. Is this the first time you had an issue with the slave axis?
  2. Can you please let us know the MASSO software version you are running.
  3. Also if you can email us the MASSO settings file and your gcode file then we can also check on our end.