Y axis slaving concerns.


Hi All,

I am using a 3 axis Masso controller and closed loop Nema 34.

I plan on having limit switches on one side of the Y axis and don't need to a line the gantry.

After searching the net I am confused about wiring the slave motor, lots of talk but no solid answers. most talk about 4 axis which I am not interested in.

I have two drawings showing motors and drivers that I have with the wiring configuration gathered from my search, A and B But not sure if either are correct.

Just need a simple answer. Thanks in advance: Ross


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Pinoy CNC
@ross on my understanding you can wire both slave and main axis drive on the axis that you want. As your diagram show, if you donnt want to upgrade on 4 axis. but you can wire your motor as same as the main axis dont change the motor connection because in your driver there is the selection to be ON so that the rotation of the motor turn ccw.

Hope this help


Thanks for your answer pinoy, that just shows how much of a novice I am.

I found the switch and will try it tomorrow, simple fix!

Come to think about it I recall seeing it the first time I unpacked it from the box. "Memory loss the joys of getting old"

Thank you from Ross,


MASSO Support
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firstly thank you @pinoy-cnc for helping out others on the forums.

@ross if you don't need to align the axis then yes you dont need to get the 4 axis version and just wire the STEP & DIR signals together to the Y axis connector, just in case you can't achieve the direction change from the drive, you can always just rotate the DIR - and DIR+ of the second drive to the MASSO Y connector and this will also invert the direction of one of the motors.


I flicked the switch 2 on the driver and all works well, motors working in sync,

Thanks Pinoy and Masso for your help much appreciated.

From Ross.