Z axis design for PLASMA (Torch Height Control) THC control with Masso, does one actually work.


Looks like someone shut this down.

The Z axis THC3T-02 arc voltage control.

Does it work with Masso.

Does it work generally ?



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Hi Lilow

Looking at the website and manual for this THC it appears to be incompatible with Massos built in THC feature. This unit outputs step and direction to drive a stepper motor directly to control Z axis height instead of up and down signals like the Proma.

This doesn't mean you can't use it. You can use it to control the Z axis directly by removing the Z axis from Masso. Masso then takes care of the X & Y as well as turning on and off the arc. You will not be able to use Masso to raise and lower the Z axis or use the touch off function using this setup.

Alternatively you might be able to create a 2nd Z axis to attach to the current Z axis under control of Masso for general raising, lowering and touch off. The 2nd under the control of your THC for use while cutting. I admit to being no expert on Plasma and THC's but this is my take on it based on what i have read.

Hope this helps.