Z axis limit triggered after tool change.



I'm running into a problem with this post, The post runs fine until it gets to "T12M6" the machine moves to the tool change position that I have designated fine, however after I have change out tool 7 for tool 12, instead of moving to the auto tool zero touch plate the Z axis runs up and hits the limit switch, I have checked the post and can't see any reason why it does this, the previous two tool changes work perfectly.

:- post,

(Change to Tool: End Mill {0.25 inch})
(Toolpath: External Profile 2 Tool: End Mill {0.25 inch})

Note:- Tool 7 and Tool 12 both have offsets in the tool list even though I am using a zeroing plate, could this be the problem?

2nd Note:- I know my X value is in the negative, however I back off from my homing switches 5mm and have set my minimum travel values to -5mm this allows me to locate my stock against a fence at X0 Y0 and reduce waste.

I have attached the post for you to look at, I can't find anything wrong with it maybe you can.




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Thanks for the files.
  1. The settings looks good.
  2. As per your question, when auto tool zero is enabled the tool length value is ignored from the F4 Tools table.
  3. Can you please enable soft limits as I think the gcode might be requesting the tool to move beyond your machine Z travel. If a Z movement outsize your Z axis travel is requested then you will see a soft limit alarm on the screen and the Z axis wont move up.