Zero X/Y to laser


Using Mach3 I have a laser cross-hair on my machine. It is mounted offset from the center of the spindle. I have the offset values loaded in a sub-macro. When I line up the laser on my intended x/y zero location I hit a custom button on my screenset which applies the offset and adjusts the work x/y zero coordinates accordingly.

Along these lines it would be helpful to have customizable buttons to be able to use subroutines such as zeroing the z to work using probe.


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We have an option for that to mount a laser on an offset, the feature was not fully completed because of some other work but we can resume the work and finish the feature.


Will be good for a scribe as well . At the moment I use mach3 when I have to scribe and in Sheetcam the tool number for the tool has to be 100 or above.
Screen shot show the scribe dots in the wrong place but when you do the job it is OK.
Thanks from Ross.


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