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Jerry In Maine
forgive a Masso newbies ignorance but I m kinda stuck...

Just converted my woodcutting machine to Masso from Mach3. Machine seems tuned well and accurate. Tried today to run my first file, which was to shave my spoilboard down a bit. Simple..bit starts at 0,0 which for me is the close right hand corner and moves to the center of the spoilboard. From there the spindle lowers .050 below z zero and runs in concentric squares until it gets back to 0,0.

I loaded the file, zeroed all axes or at least thought I did and fired it up. Instead of the spindle moving to the center it moved to about x23,y4 and began the concentric squares.

With Mach3 I could set 0,0 anywhere on the spoilboard. Doing so allowed me to distribute spoilboard wear since I usually cut .005 inches deep so the newly cut parts can be cleanly removed from the stock.

Seems Masso wants to look for sensors in order to find the machine home position. Mach allowed this but I never used it. I d just pick a spot on the 48x48 spoilboard then screw the stock down. Home position was set to the close right corner of the stock and all positional references were from there.

how do I do this with Masso?


Jerry In Maine
Just found that I can get machines coordinates to zero by rebooting...tried the file again and it s running as expected. How do I get machine coordinates to zero without a reboot?


Jerry In Maine
I think I need to make a home button and just press that to get machine coordinates to zero. I did try setting up an unwired input for it. To zero I just select it and toggle from low to high with the space bar. That ll do until I find a push button switch.


MASSO Support
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Hi Jerry,

I'm picking that you have no homing switches on your machine but you can still using homing to zero your machine coordinates.

If this is the case on the F1 screen and go into homing. Uncheck the X,Y,Z A,B in the homing sequence and this will allow you to use the homing function without switches.

Go to wherever you want your home position to be and home your machine by either holding down the CRTL & ALT keys while pressing the HOME key or you can click the Home button on the F3 Jog screen for more than 3 seconds. Working and machine coordinated will all reset to zero.

You can then jog to your working Zero point and zero each axis using the zero keys on the DRO's

hope this helps





I got confused by this as well when I first started with Masso after working with Mach 3 for a long time. When you "Zero" the DRO's you are setting a temporary work offset location called G92. As the name implies its temporary so its only active for the current session and disappears when you reboot. To get back into G54 mode you simply open the MDI command window using Ctl-M then enter G92.1. You'll know that Masso is in G92 mode by the red colored Work Offset: G92 notice on the lower left corner of information bar on the screen.

Its important to know that Masso boots up in G54 mode by default so the last origin you set will likely not be at the same location as you previously set. To make it easier to remember, I made it a habit to use the work offset features G54..G59 by moving the machine to the location where I want to start my cut then switching to the F4 screen and double clicking on the G54 in the table. From there I simply press autoload to set my G54 to the new location. Once that is set I simply make sure my G-Code includes a G54 near the top.

It also gets more confusing when you don't have homing position switches since Masso set an arbitrary location for the origin on boot up. Its best to add a microswitches or order the Masso homing sensors and install them on each axis then use the homing feature when you first start the machine controller. here is a great video on how to setup your homing switches here.

Hope this is helpful.

Regards, Stephen Brown (in Florida)